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We have a VERY large selection of wines, but don’t let that intimidate you. We are experts in all things wine, and we will lead you through the entire process. Do you usually prefer red or white? Dry or sweet? Full bodied or mild, or somewhere in between? Fruit wine or blush? Do you want to enjoy your wine soon or are you interested in aging your wine? It’s by asking these types of questions, that we can choose the perfect wine for your personal enjoyment for you, your family, and your friends.

Wine 4 You is the Authorized Retailer of Winexpert wines in Saskatoon, and we also carry Vineco. Visit and for a complete listing of the available wines, or check out this blog post outlining our products and prices.


Here’s how it works:


1.  Choose your wine.  It all starts with a box on a shelf. This is your wine kit, and it contains the juice and other supplies needed to make your wine. Most wine kits make 30 bottles, or 23 L. The boxes come in different sizes or levels, with bigger boxes containing more juice and producing a fuller bodied wine. We have red and white wine varieties in each level, but sorry! No samples.

2.  Make your wine. After we help you choose your kit, you ‘make’ the wine right in our store. You are required to start the process by adding the yeast, and then finish the process by bottling the finished wine, but we will perform all of the steps in between.

3.  Wait. We’ll keep a close eye on your wine, moving it through the winemaking process, and we’ll provide everything you’ll need to dress up your finished bottles. We include corks, labels with the name of the wine, and your choice of colourful shrink toppers for the bottles. Your wines take roughly 4, 6 or 8 weeks to make, corresponding to the volume of juice in the kit.

4. Bottle your wine. Bottles are not included in your kit purchase, but can be added for $2.10 each. You’re
also encouraged to bring bottles from home. If you’re interested in using bags for your wine, we also have those available.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try making your wine kit at home, we have all of the equipment, supplies, and advice that you will need.

Red Wine

Red wines are full of flavour and aroma. All of our red wine kits are considered dry, with the more mild reds tasting less dry. Most of the red wine kits contain oak chips for added flavour and body. Some of the red wine kits have crushed grape skins to enhance the bouquet and contribute tannins for more flavour and volume. The popular Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec are available in many levels, as well as many other not so common varietals. Blends of 2 or 3 different red wines are also popular.

White Wine

Whites can be dry or sweet or in between. In general, the sweet whites are Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Liebfraumilch, and Moscato. The dry smooth whites are available in many levels and include Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and others. A few of the whites have oak chips added, for more body and structure.

Blush Wine

Pink in colour, sweet or dry. Choose an easy drinking and sweet White Zinfandel/blush, or choose full flavoured, dry and smooth Grenache Rosé.

Fruit Wine

Provides a refreshing and fun fruit wine experience with the perfect balance of fruit and wine – not too sweet and not too dry. Fruit wines take 4 to 5 weeks to make and are like a wine cooler, just not carbonated. Makes 30 bottles. Enjoy on their own, over ice, or mixed with your favourite juice or cocktail. Mix into your favourite sangria recipe too! There are over 25 choices. Strawberry, raspberry, peach , black cherry, blueberry, pomegranite…….

Dessert Wine

Commonly known as port and ice wine. These make 30-375 ml bottles, and take 6 weeks to make. Our premium dessert wine is a regular port style, many customers add brandy at bottling to enhance the flavour. Every fall we have a seasonal sweet dessert wine.  Some past favourites have been Sour Cherry and Chocolate Raspberry.  Our ice wine style kits are sweet and smooth, Riesling style (white.)

Wine Care Tips

When You Get Home

Leave bottles standing upright for two to five days. This allows the cork to expand and properly seal. After that, lay bottles on their sides. This keeps the cork moist so it won't dry out. You can just tip the boxes over also. Don't stack more than two boxes high.


Store your wine in a dark cool place where it won't be disturbed.  The ideal storage temperature for wine is between 13°C - 15°C (45°F - 58°F). Humidity of 50-70%. Minimal exposure to light and movement or agitation.

Enjoy Your Wine

Although wine is very drinkable at bottling time, it will continue to change if allowed to further mature. Allow your wine time to age to reach it's potential. This means leaving it alone for a little while!!
Even two weeks after bottling, the wine will taste better. The bottling process agitates the wine causing what is called bottle shock.

Bottle Cleaning

Clean your wine bottles as soon as they are empty, rinse well, place upside down in your sink to dry, then store upside down in the box. Return to Wine 4 You to bottle your next batch of wine!

Wine 4 You

Remember, if you have any concerns, questions or comments about your wine or your winemaking experience, please tell us. We want you to have a great wine that you enjoy. If you are not happy with your wine, let us know and we will take care of you. Life is too short for bad wine.
As always, thanks for sharing with your friends and family your great wine and about your great experience at Wine 4 You.

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