We have exciting changes to share with you! If you have been in the store lately you will have seen some new wine offerings. We are switching wine kit suppliers and will be carrying mostly Winexpert wines, along with some of your current favorites.

Wine 4 You is now the exclusive retailer of Winexpert wine kits in Saskatoon.

A lot of thought and research went into this decision. Winexpert is the largest wine kit company in Canada, with high quality products, and lots of new and innovative wines. They perform extensive research to make sure all their wines are of the highest quality, from the fruit wines to the 8 week wines. Winexpert regularly brings new wines into their regular lineups and also offer several new limited release wines throughout the year. Check out the website at http://winexpert.com for a complete listing and descriptions of their wines.

What does this mean for you? You will be able to try lots of great new wines, and find new favourites. We have been studying the new wines to find comparable (or better) wines for your current choices.

The Niagara Mist fruit wines will still be around. As will the favourite whites of Legacy Riesling and Moscato. We will be able to order in other Vineco wines.

What to expect from the Winexpert lineup of wines:

The 8 week, 18L Eclipse line has region specific wines, including the rich ruby colored and very full flavored Amarone style Forza red wine, and the crisp Washington Yakima Valley Pinot Gris for the white wine lovers.

The 6 week, 16 L Selection line has a very large amount of choices including an Argentine Malbec, the red Enigma blend, the lush and full bodied Luna Bianca white, and the Luna Rossa red. There is also a 6 week California White Zinfandel blush, which we haven’t had in a long while.

The 4 week, 10 L World Vineyard has wines from specific countries, and are very flavorful. These are the wines we will suggest for those who enjoyed the Cheeky Monkey line of wines. We are excited to be able to offer a nice sweet Moscato that is ready in 4 short weeks, as well as a Pink Moscato (for a limited time). The Trinity White and Trinity Red are interesting blends. There is still the delicious Shiraz, Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Grigio and others that everyone loves.

There are also a few wines we will carry from the 4 week Vintner’s Reserve line. The red Diablo Rojo is a slightly sweet red wine. The Mezza Luna red will be a new favorite. There is even a sweet Piesporter white wine.

The Island Mist fruit wine collection has some very interesting choices. The Raspberry Peach is already a hit. You will also be tempted by Apple Berry, Black Raspberry, Cucumber Melon, Exotic Fruits, and Peach Apricot to name a few. These fruit wines smell incredible, and are a bit less sweet than the Niagara Mist.

The Winexpert LE winter time limited release program looks amazing. We will be carrying these, along with the Vineco Passport series. Watch for pre-order information in the Fall.

We are very excited to share these new wines with you! Be sure to stop by and check it out.