Hi! My name is Shirley, owner of Wine 4 You. This week I felt inspired to write a poem about the wine store.

Why did you start Wine 4 You?
I get asked this all the time.
I like for people to be happy,
A solution is to make them some wine!

I had little knowledge of wine,
But my family came to my aid.
We researched and designed a great place,
And ‘studied’ the wines to be made.

This is my Happy Place!
People will often say,
As they chat and laugh and bottle their wine,
It always makes my day.

We love helping you pick out your wine,
What is your favourite kind to make?
It is so hard to wait for the call,
That your wine is ready to bottle and take.

Along with the laughs and the stories
We’ll take care of the mess and the fuss.
And we are so very grateful,
That you share your wine time with us!