We sure did! What a great summer – hot days and lots of fun events and things to do.

Having a large wine cellar (of course we do!) filled with lots of great Wine 4 You wine is a huge advantage of owning a craft wine making store. Especially in a summer full of family events.

We celebrated our youngest child’s high school graduation with a pig roast on the Canada Day long weekend. We used to own a hog farm so we have our own BBQ that can cook up to a 100 pound whole pig. Sarah didn’t like our suggestion of an easy hamburger meal since we did a pig roast for the other 2 kids’ graduations. The estimate is about 75 people came to our house to celebrate with Sarah, to visit with family and friends, and to enjoy a delicious meal.
11 bottles of wine later, I was following our own advice of rinsing out the wine bottles, but had too many to just let them dry in the sink. The bottom rack of the dishwasher worked just fine.

A few weeks later at a family reunion, a well-placed case of wine saved our tent from blowing away. Next time maybe Peter will stake the tent down!

Our middle son has developed a taste for red wine and cheese. A three generation wine and cheese get-together with his brother, dad and grandpa is a tradition he wants to continue.

From all of us at Wine 4 You, we hope you enjoyed your summer, got some sunshine, spent time with family and friends, got some outdoor projects started or even better got them completed, and maybe even enjoyed some wine too. We look forward to hearing your stories the next time you are making or bottling wine.